About us

Why was the Research Institute of Cultural Organisations – IBOK established?

– because we believe that research on culture contributes to its development.

Our goal is to conduct research in the field of culture and to support management processes in organizations related to creative activities, cultural education and heritage. Although the people who work for IBOK are experienced researchers, we do not only focus on generating theoretical knowledge. We believe that understanding cultural problems also requires focusing on practice and combining it with research facilities in order to seek for new solutions to improve the processes of creating and disseminating aesthetic and cultural values.

How do we work?

– in the form of an association gathering researchers from various backgrounds and centres, focused on a common idea.

The intentions to establish associations are diverse, but always based on people who want to engage in common activities. When creating the IBOK Association we strived for a synergy of ideas, experiences and personalities, which is why we cooperate with academics, independent researchers, PhD students and students from various research centres who want to conduct interdisciplinary research on culture. What characterises us is our openness to people and their various ideas, but also the desire to share our own knowledge and experience.

Are you looking for a place where you can realize your ideas for research? Or are you just like we passionate about research in the cultural sector? – Join us!

In our opinion there are no limits to what is worth researching. However, we put a lot of attention to methodology, which is why we like to use different research methods and techniques, focusing mainly on qualitative methods. Observing the requirements of modern science and the needs of the cultural sector, we also test experimental research approaches and try to develop tools which are suitable to design the future and adapted to the changing scenarios.

What do we do? Who do we work with?

– we cooperate with organizations that, like we, understand the importance of cultural research.

Cooperation with cultural organizations is crucial for our activities. We emphasize the word „cooperation” because while doing research we also want to build up a partnership with the respective organization. We do not want the research process to end up only with the acquirement of theoretical knowledge. Moreover, we want to support cultural managers, motivate them to acquire new knowledge that may help them in their daily work and contribute to the development of the organization but also to their personal advancement. Therefore, we create space for discussion and the exchange of experience.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

E-mail address: stowarzyszenie[@]ibok.org.pl